RELEASED: June 2019 Realflow, 3dsMax, Fumefx, Krakatoa
WAVEFORMS 2 is a visual exploration of physical simulations. Forces of water, wind, and fire collide to form abstract and psychedelic visualizations of particle motion and reactions. Explore everything from immense galaxies to rivers and oceans in a new dimension using the power of physically accurate simulations. Created over the course of two years, features over 5 terabytes of particle data and countless late hours of tweaking and rendering.


Creating WAVEFORMS2 took a tremendous amount of time and computation. In the end, the project was completed in two years, and was nearly lost with a failed hard drive. Many clips had to be recreated or salvaged, and the entire project was almost scrapped. Each scene consisted of upwards of 500gb of particle and force data, and render and simulation times often spanned days.

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