Breakpoint. #16 (2023)

Breakpoint attempts to demonstrate the joy of disruption. Finding an ordered system, perfect in its composition, and obliterating it. New forms arise as structures are decomposed. A single playful line is to blame here, as it wanders across the canvas and smashes everything in its path.

Breakpoint. #1 (2023)

Breakpoint. was released as an NFT on Feral File

30 unique NFTs 30 unique plotter drawings

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Breakpoint. #17 (2023)

The inspiration for this project comes from my ongoing fascination with simulating physics with computers. I am entranced by the idea that we may be able to predict the future with machines. Practically, this is useful for engineering and architecture. I believe that there is beauty in the reaction of forces within a system too. For Breakpoint. I built an orderly system of complex geometry. Then I unleashed destruction upon it. A single wandering pen stroke guides the chaos as it fractures the shapes.

Drawing in progress
Breakpoint. #23 (2023)
Breakpoint #2 (2023)
Breakpoint. #2 (2023)