ORI Plotted


Although ORI was released as a digital NFT, the artwork contains many nods to styles and patterns found in plotter art. In fact, ORI is one of the first generative art projects by James that is not exclusively plotter based. The ORI algorithm has been re-engineered to provide a unique and new vision with paper and ink.

Each drawing takes the original artwork and applies extremely high-detail linework to showcase the geometry in a new context. Thousands of tightly packed lines can take between 4-8 hours to draw physically.

Because James has complete control of the artistic creation process, two distinct styles are being offered to collectors. It is intended that each purchase of a plotter drawing feels like a commission where the buyer has a say in the final product.

"Worked" drawings featured an additional layer of refinement. By hand, the drawing is splattered with chaotic ink drips that run down the canvas. A special technique was developed to replicate the digital spraypaint process found in ORI.

These drawings are produced as an edition of 30. Style does not effect edition number.

How purchasing works

Purchasing an ORI drawing is meant to be a bridge between the artist, the collector, and the artwork. Therefore each collector will have an opportunity to meet with James for 30-60 minutes to discuss the artwork and opportunities to customize their drawing (ink color, paint effect, etc.)

Check the availability of your NFT's physical art counterparts.

There are 20 plotter artworks available for claim

Email me to inquire.

  • $1250.00 for a plot
  • $1500.00 for a plot with handmade splatter