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RUNAWAY is an ambitious attempt to create infinitely unique visuals at scale. In generative art, certain norms have emerged when building long-form projects. RUNAWAY is my attempt to escape these rules and make a vastly divergent system. The artwork engine uses a unique generative layering technique to let each edition run away from formulaic outcomes. These layers compound each other, adding countless possible combinations.

Launched at with support from Coinbase during the "On-chain Summer" event, RUNAWAY had the unique benefit of a low-cost mint. At around $7.00 per mint, new collectors were able to own their first piece of generative art without a high entry point.

This combination of pricing and support from Coinbase allowed over 2,300 individual collectors to mint over 4700 unique artworks.

RUNAWAY was released as an NFT on

4709 unique artworks 2380 owners

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